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CVS gss/doc

From: gss-commit
Subject: CVS gss/doc
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 00:04:13 +0100

Update of /home/cvs/gss/doc
In directory dopio:/tmp/cvs-serv26438

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Typos, reported by Mike Castle <address@hidden>.

--- /home/cvs/gss/doc/gss.texi  2005/03/14 20:47:55     1.72
+++ /home/cvs/gss/doc/gss.texi  2005/03/14 23:04:13     1.73
@@ -562,10 +562,10 @@
 with other GSS-API implementation, the name @file{gssapi.h} was
-The header file @file{gss.h} includes @file{gss/api.h}, and declare a
+The header file @file{gss.h} includes @file{gss/api.h}, and declares a
 few non-standard extensions (by including @file{gss/ext.h}), takes
 care of including header files related to all supported mechanisms
-(e.g., @file{gss/krb5.h}) and finally add C++ namespace protection of
+(e.g., @file{gss/krb5.h}) and finally adds C++ namespace protection of
 all definitions.  Therefore, including @file{gss.h} in your project is
 recommended over @file{gss/api.h}.  If using @file{gss.h} instead of
 @file{gss/api.h} causes problems, it should be regarded a bug.

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