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Re: General assembly

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: General assembly
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2020 11:58:15 +0200


Thank all the people involved to run all that.

On Mon, 1 Jun 2020 at 16:42, Andreas Enge <> wrote:

> Updating the accounting and minutes files of our Guix Europe association
> (as a reminder, these are all publicly available at
> ),

Please find attach a "Fix typo" patch, only for the French version.

> - And we have not "updated" our Solidary Adminstrative Council (SAC), which
>   takes all day to day decisions. It is elected by the General Assembly, and
>   when we wrote our bylaws, the goal was that all members who wished so could
>   take part.

I propose to add an updated file containing the names of the current
SAC member; for the ones who want that their name appears, obviously.

> The date of the General Assembly is supposed to be fixed at least two weeks
> in advance. So what do you think of some time during the weekend of either
> June 20/21 or June 27/28?

That's fine with me.

What slot of time should I have to schedule? More or less.

> We should find an electronic "venue", but since we are all now used to
> videoconferences, this should not be too much of a problem.

Please inform a couple of days before the chosen tool to run the GA.
Since I am a dumb with this kind of stuff, I need to be prepared. ;-)

> It would also be good if volunteers for the functions of Presidency
> (currently held by Manolis Ragkousis) and Treasury (currently held by me;
> I would be more than happy to pass it on to someone else, while staying
> around for technical help) could speak up, as well as everyone who would
> like to be part of the SAC.

Could you quickly explain what is the job?  Basically how many times
do you spend on these tasks?

Last, I propose to state in "Réglement Intérieur" that the mailing
guix-europe is used to convoke GA.  And that the SAC reports on
guix-europe when they meet.

All the best,

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