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Re: General assembly

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Re: General assembly
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2020 14:46:47 +0200

Hello all,

our friends at Aquilenet set up a BigBlueButton instance, so we can have our
General Assembly there, at
next Sunday June 21, at 14:00 UTC (or 16:00 CEST).

As Treasury, I am supposed to give a round-up on our financial situation.
Sorry that this will be a bit lengthy, due to us not having held a General
Assembly in a long time...

As a general remark, our finances cannot be considered separately from those
held for the Guix project at the FSF, following our fundraiser quite some
time ago. In many cases, we just advance money that in the end will be
reimbursed by the FSF. Our own funds come from a big initial donation of
5000€ by Igalia, specific donations for holding the Guix Days (see below)
and membership fees. Our accounts are publicly available in the "maintenance"
git repo at
in particular the ledger file is

Let us jump in, with the output of
   ledger -f accounting.ledger balance

             €708.84  Assets
             €702.84    Bank
               €6.00    Stock
               €1.00      Bayfront
               €2.00      Overdrive 1000
               €3.00      Redhill
              €-6.00  Equity
           €12771.85  Expenses
              €15.00    Banking
             €190.88    Domains
            €4987.70    Guix Day
            €3275.00    Hosting
              €44.00    Legal
              €80.00    Membership
              €60.00    Promotional material
            €4119.27    Purchases
          €-13474.69  Income
           €-5690.00    Donations
           €-2726.00    Guix Day
           €-2675.00    Hosting
              €-0.87    Interests
            €-590.00    Membership
             €-80.00      2016
            €-110.00      2017
            €-120.00      2018
            €-170.00      2019
            €-110.00      2020
           €-1792.82    Purchases

In the last few lines, you see a breakdown of our membership fees, that have
been growing with a slow, but steady increase of members. On the other hand,
membership at Aquilenet, where the bayfront machine is hosted, costs us 20€
per year.

Hosting bayfront is 75€ a month, corresponding to the cost incurred by the
non-profit Aquilenet association; it is entirely reimbursed by the FSF
(currently up to and including October 2019).

Expenses for "domains" correspond to the domains (that will
run out next year) and (just renewed for five years).

"Banking" are fees due to a shared-cost wire transfer by the FSF, whereas
our bank account at Banque Populaire Centre Atlantique is free of charge.

"Promotional material" are Guix stickers.

"Purchases" correspond to expenses for bayfront and redhill from 2016 to
2018 (taken from our funds), as well as three Overdrive buld servers
(reimbursed by the FSF, which is why they also appear as "income").

Maybe the most interesting entries correspond to the Guix Days, that we
have held since 2018 prior to FOSDEM in Brussels. Expenses are the rent
at ICAB, including the provided lunch and coffee breaks. Income are lunch
collection (we ask for a voluntary cost-covering participation) and
donations: In 2018, the meetings were jump-started by 200€ by Pjotr's
company GeneNetwork; in 2019, GeneNetwork and Janneke's company Joy of
Source both helped us with 200€ for expanding the meeting to two days.
Many thanks again! Here is a more detailed breakdown:

Expenses 2018
Rent        749.70
Lunch      -210
Donations  -200
The remaining 339.70 were borne by Guix Europe

Expenses 2019
Rent       1796    (for two days instead of one, and two rooms)
Lunch      -693.50
Donations  -400.00
Of the remaining 702.50, 502.50 were taken out of our funds at the FSF
and 200 were paid by Guix Europe.

Expenses 2020
Rent       2442    (we were more people, so catering was more expensive,
                    and also took more generous coffee breaks)
Lunch      -720
For the remaining 1722, again 200 will be paid by Guix Europe, and
1522 will be taken out of the funds at the FSF.

In 2019, we had an exceptional donation of 680 by Fund the Code,
following a presentation of Guix by Mathieu and Clément.

Our current (at the end of June) balance is of 702.84€ in our bank account.
As explained above, we will ask for a reimbursement of 1522€ for the Guix
Days 2020, and of 600€ (8*75€) for bayfront hosting from November 2019 to
June 2020.

So altogether, the association owns 2824.84€, which can be used as a buffer
or liquidity reserve for expenses that will be reimbursed by the Guix funds
at the FSF, or for additional projects.

I am available for your questions and corrections on this list, or during
the General Assembly.


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