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Virtual event: technical decision to make

From: zimoun
Subject: Virtual event: technical decision to make
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2020 22:28:02 +0200


The main question is now the streaming.  Three solutions are there:

 1. Setup our own
 2. Use the BBB instance of Fosshost <>
 3. Use the BBB instance of Aquilenet

Personally, I am in favor #2 to apply <>.  It
is the same instance as ActivityPub Conf and Christopher L. Webber
(dustyweb) did some networking.  If no objection before this week-end
(Oct. 24th), I will go ahead and then apply.

If one (or several) readers want to go with #1, here some details by
Amin Bandali.

        > On the technical side, we would like to stream and avoid the
        > Youtube facilities, therefore what is behind:
        > <>?

        Fantastic. is a simple static HTML site I put
        together before last year's conference, and its main job is basically
        hosting an embedded <video> tag to the actual streams, which would be on, our main stream server. runs Icecast (, a free/libre
        stream server.  I used OBS to stream my laptop's screen (playing back
        prerecorded talks or live sessions with presenters via jitsi) to live0.
        So, the audience would not connect to the jitsi sessions, but rather
        watch the stream via live0.  Another advantage of using Icecast is that
        viewers don't have to run any JavaScript code, whether free or nonfree,
        at all (and streams can be watched using clients like mpv and vlc as
        well).  Though a tiny bit of JavaScript can be used to enhance the
        experience (for example, periodically fetch the stream video in case the
        stream suddenly falls off, so as to not require viewers to manually
        refresh their browser page).

Other point, if someone want to join to the committee (Julien,
maintainers, me) to pick the topics from the proposals, feel free to say
so.  It will consist to read the proposals and be quick-reactive to
discuss it privately over mail or IRC.

Last, feel free to spread the world:


I am late to announce on guix-devel.  If someone beats me this evening. ;-)

All the best,

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