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Re: Virtual event: technical decision to make

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Virtual event: technical decision to make
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2020 18:03:59 -0400
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Le 19 octobre 2020 16:28:02 GMT-04:00, zimoun <> a 
écrit :
>The main question is now the streaming.  Three solutions are there:
> 1. Setup our own
> 2. Use the BBB instance of Fosshost <>
> 3. Use the BBB instance of Aquilenet
>Personally, I am in favor #2 to apply <>.  It
>is the same instance as ActivityPub Conf and Christopher L. Webber
>(dustyweb) did some networking.  If no objection before this week-end
>(Oct. 24th), I will go ahead and then apply.

I am also in favor of #2. It worked really well for the AP conf, and I don't 
think we'll attract more people, so it should work well :)

>If one (or several) readers want to go with #1, here some details by
>Amin Bandali.
>        > On the technical side, we would like to stream and avoid the
>        > Youtube facilities, therefore what is behind:
>        > <>?
>      Fantastic. is a simple static HTML site I put
>  together before last year's conference, and its main job is basically
>hosting an embedded <video> tag to the actual streams, which would be
>, our main stream server.
> runs Icecast (, a
>  stream server.  I used OBS to stream my laptop's screen (playing back
>prerecorded talks or live sessions with presenters via jitsi) to live0.

To me, this is not a solution, because the audience would not be part of it. We 
want interaction, not live-streaming/broadcasting.

>Other point, if someone want to join to the committee (Julien,
>maintainers, me) to pick the topics from the proposals, feel free to
>so.  It will consist to read the proposals and be quick-reactive to
>discuss it privately over mail or IRC.
>Last, feel free to spread the world:
>    <>
>I am late to announce on guix-devel.  If someone beats me this evening.
>All the best,

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