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Re: Apply for funding for China Guix mirror

From: Peng Mei Yu
Subject: Re: Apply for funding for China Guix mirror
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 16:04:59 +0800

Hi Christopher,

Christopher Baines writes:

> Just to
> clarify, are you seeing this as a one-off transaction, or something
> monthly or annually?

I always take advantage of Chinese holiday season and buy one year
prepaid VPS resources with over 70% off discount.  Sometimes I can get a
90% off discount.  My exact shopping list is only settled when the
holiday season comes.  So a one-off transaction would be better.

I have no idea how much money you can grant.  So I'll just tell you my
budget.  The spending on during 2020 was about 200 US
dollar after exploiting all kinds of discounts.  That provides a 5Mbps
bandwidth service.  My plan for next year is at least 200 US dollar on
server bandwidth and storage.  I would like to increase the bandwidth to
higher than 5Mbps if I can collect more donations.  5Mbps is a critical
point.  Chinese VPS providers charge much more money for higher
bandwidth.  The first 5 Mbps requires 200 US Dollar per year but every
Mbps beyond 5Mbps requires 100 US Dollar per year.

My long term plan has always been persuading academic mirror site
maintainers to support Guix and transferring the maintenance burden to
them.  If the afore mentioned proposal in guix-devel proceeds well, this
can happen in one year, then I can terminate my service.  If it does not
proceed well, I can only hope Guix becomes popular quicker in China and
academic mirror site maintainers have more pressure to support Guix.  In
order to promote Guix in China, I also plan to spend 50 US dollar on
making stickers and distribute them within free software communities.

Since this is the first time of my application, a lot of things are
unclear.  Lets make it a one-time transaction.  I'll come here again
next year if there is a need.

Lastly, any amount of fund will make me happy. ;-)

Peng Mei Yu

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