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Videos Guix Days not yet on audio-video

From: zimoun
Subject: Videos Guix Days not yet on audio-video
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 00:18:59 +0100


The videos of the online Guix Days are still on the Julien’s machine, I
guess.  The idea was to push them to <>.

Well, I have no answer after pinging people on IRC and sending email.
The request is here:


Now, it is more than one month.  If someone is in touch with someone who
could help to make it happen, please let me know.

Even if I am French and so have some habits with bureaucratic latency,
to be honest, I feel a bit disappointed.  Especially when it takes 5
minutes to push on any video publisher.  Well, the GNU’s paradox! :-)


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