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Re: Guix in 2022

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Guix in 2022
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2021 07:31:38 -0500
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I agree all this is nice. I already sent something abput organising guix days around Fosdem. I think at this point we can't organise them *before* fosdem because time would be very tight to prepare talks, etc. My proposal was to have them after fosdem, and Ludo suggested to have them even a bit later to give everyone a chance to rest after fosdem. Let's discuss that in the guix-devel thread though :)

Le 21 décembre 2021 05:39:34 GMT-05:00, Oliver Propst <> a écrit :
Hello everyone.

Right so while I think its quite obvious that Guix and Guix Europe
managed to accomplish a few things in 2021 including but not limited to
the organisation of the in my opinion excellent general assembly a few
back weeks back.

So while I think its quite fair to say that Guix and Guix Europe managed
to accomplish a decent amount work in 2021 there likely no
overstatement that it would "nice" if Guix and Guix Europe managed to
accomplish "more" in 2022.

What does this "more" include ? Well Some things that come to my mind
that I think would be good if Guix and Guix Europe managed to accomplish
in 2022 includes but are not limited to.

* Organised another edition of Guix Online Days before fosdem.
* Talk about Guix and Guix Europe at different conferences and events.
* Continue the general work and efforts towards the advancing the state
Guix and Guix Europe (for that matter).
* Organise another general assembly.
* Have an in person meeting at some point time.

Now as Guix is a democratic organisation thoughts and opinions from
others are of course welcome as well.

-mvh Oliver Propst

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