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Re: Extraordinary General Assembly on July 3 (and 17)

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Extraordinary General Assembly on July 3 (and 17)
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2022 18:18:49 +0200
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Andreas Enge <> writes:

> Unfortunately, until now only 2/3 of our members paid their 2022 membership
> fees, which means that all of them need to attend tonight to reach the
> quorum (I wonder if I did not create a deadlock in our statutes...);
> you can still vote by mail and count for the quorum if you cannot attend
> the videoconference:
> - apply Simon's corrections of typos to the statutes: yes/no
> - accept Ricardo into the SAC: yes/no

I’m not sure I understand.  I have always paid my membership fees, but
I’m no longer on the SAC because I couldn’t attend the last assembly.

Do I still get to vote today?

In any case: I vote “yes” on both items, if permitted.

I might not be able to attend the video thing, so I hope this email


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