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Booth at FOSDEM (Brussels), 4-5 Feb 2023?

From: zimoun
Subject: Booth at FOSDEM (Brussels), 4-5 Feb 2023?
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2022 18:59:37 +0200


As the winter, FOSDEM 2023 is coming…

Three questions:

 1. do we run for a booth?
 2. who is in?
 3. who is volunteer to make that happens?

Well, #1 is a good opportunity to expose the beautiful kakemodo [1]. :-) 

If we go for a booth and if we are accepted, it means we need volunteers
at this booth.  A week-end is quick and also long.  More we are and
greater the experience would be. :-) Volunteer for #2 does not mean be
available the full week-end – although that’s also a possibility –
instead, it could mean some rotation of 1-2h at the booth.

About #3, it means checking the FOSDEM website and helping in the
synchronization of the proposal, stickers, etc.

WDYT?  It will still the 10th Years of Guix – day 1 of calendar “year“
is arbitrary. ;-)



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