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Re: Booth at FOSDEM (Brussels), 4-5 Feb 2023?

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: Booth at FOSDEM (Brussels), 4-5 Feb 2023?
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2022 18:18:31 +0200
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I'll be happy to help!

From my experience with LFS it's important to have enough to share with people. We had stickers (obviously), and also bookmarks and even printed versions of the book. Even with three people we could manage the stand, but the more we are, the easier it becomes. Remember you have to attend the devroom too!

We had issues managing stocks of stickers. Having too many displayed at once will incentivise people to take a huge pile to share with friends at home, but it also means the stocks deplete quickly :)

One nice thing to have is also a table cloth with our logo/graphics. Some distros have live-CDs.

I can take care of ordering that, stickers and anything else if I get reimbursed. I can't come up with nice graphics by myself though, so please share any ideas :)

Le 20 octobre 2022 16:44:49 GMT+02:00, Jonathan Brielmaier <> a écrit :
On 18.10.22 18:59, zimoun wrote:

As the winter, FOSDEM 2023 is coming…

Three questions:

1. do we run for a booth?
2. who is in?
3. who is volunteer to make that happens?

Count me in as volunteer for the booth. I'll can help from Friday
afternoon until sunday afternoon/evening.


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