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[gurlchecker-users] gURLChecker-0.6.0-pre2 (unstable) released

From: Emmanuel Saracco
Subject: [gurlchecker-users] gURLChecker-0.6.0-pre2 (unstable) released
Date: 04 Aug 2003 01:23:10 +0200

2003-08-03 Emmanuel Saracco <address@hidden>

        * version: 0.6.0-pre2

        * GUI: Removing progress bar during the check.

        * parser: Correction of a bug that was resulting in a segfault.
        Improved redirection handleling. Other debugging in urls building.
        Correction of a UTF-8 conversion bug that was resulting in segfault.
        A lot of enhancement in mnagement of urls and links.

- new release:
- project:
- homepage:
- gnome:
- freshmeat:

Emmanuel Saracco - address@hidden

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