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[gurlchecker-users] [gurlchecker] crash of 0.6.0-pre2

From: Emmanuel Saracco
Subject: [gurlchecker-users] [gurlchecker] crash of 0.6.0-pre2
Date: 04 Aug 2003 16:25:38 +0200

Le lun 04/08/2003 à 16:00, James Antill a écrit :

hi james,

> (This bug report was generated by Bug Buddy 2.2.104)
> Description of Problem:
>  doing a check on "" still crashes with pre2.
> How often does this happen?
>  Always.
> Additional Information:
>  It has read.html in the top box and in the
> bottom one as it crashes.

thanks for reporting this.

unfortunately I can not reproduce the crash :-(

could you send me the following informations:

1/ system + version?
2/ are you using a proxy?
3/ libgnomeui, libglade and glib versions?
4/ could you send me your "~/.gnome2/gurlchecker-properties" directory?

-> can you reproduce it with the actual CVS unstable version (I have
corrected a bug in url.c)?



Emmanuel Saracco - address@hidden

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