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[hdm] Re: [Lisp] Motion: Should worthy projects go unfunded by Google, L

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: [hdm] Re: [Lisp] Motion: Should worthy projects go unfunded by Google, Lisp-NYC uses last year Google$ to fund one (or more at a fraction ofthe $4500)
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 10:57:13 -0400 (EDT)

   1a) A Lisp port of Tex/Latex. There has been some talk in
   comp.text.tex about the shortcomings of the original macro language in
   Tex, and how to improve it. The discussions tend to focus on what
   language to embed into Tex to provide better programmability. I think
   they got this issue backwards. A Tex port to a language such as
   Lisp/Scheme/Python etc. would immediately be programmable using the
   surrounding language facilities. Do I need to say Emacs/elisp?
   Pluses: Very well known -> generates interest. Cons: Complex? -
   Duplicates other efforts?
You might take a look at my Arxana software (subject of a talk at
LispNYC in January of this year).  I am planning to get a release
version finished this summer (currently deciding what will go in that

Actually, this system is related closely to several of your other
proposals as well.  But for the time being, note that the "x" is in
the name partly as an allusion to TeX, since this system can be used
for literate programming.

See http://hdm.nongnu.org.  Arxana is in the 'scholium-system'
subdirectory after CVS checkout, as sbdm4cbpp.tex (which includes lots
of elisp in a literate style).

I wonder whether working on a separate program (e.g. Arxana) that has
significantly more power than TeX but that can produce TeX output
mightn't let us avoid porting TeX itself.

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