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Re: [Health-dev] Tryton 2.6 support

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Tryton 2.6 support
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 12:40:12 -0300

Hi Emilien

On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 4:47 AM, Emilien Klein
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hey team,
> I'm working on packaging GNU Health for Debian.
> Currently, the version of Tryton packaged in Debian Sid (the "development" 
> version) is 2.2.4.
> When I first had a look, Tryton 2.4.2 was packaged in Experimental, but at 
> that time I had issues properly installing GNU Health from source.
> But now that I've resolved these issues, Tryton 2.6.0 has been uploaded to 
> Experimental...
> This brings 2 questions:
> - First a specific one: I understand that the future 1.8 version of GNU 
> Health will run on Tryton 2.6. Is there any estimate on when that new version 
> will be released?

Yes. We'll release it on December 30th (or at least that the planned day :-) ).
> - Then a more general one: is there some kind of regular release schedule 
> that the Tryton developers follow? If that's the case, does GNU Health try to 
> follow it?

Normally Tryton releases a new version around 6 months [0] . GNU
Health has it's own release cycle, but normally changes minor number
shortly after the release of a new Tryton version, mainly because it
involves changes at different levels (user, interface, ... )
> Eventhough I'm not yet very familiar with Tryton/GNU Health development, is 
> there anything I can do to help release a version that would work on Tryton 
> 2.6.X?

We already started on the migration for the main core module. We have
to work on different fronts.

- Documentation
- Beta testing
- Update and optimize the demo sever(s) data
- Localization
- Migration
- Development ( the new module to be included in the initial 1.8.0 is
health_ICU - Intensive Care -).
- ...

So, any help on these areas will be greatly appreciated ! :-)


> Cheers,
>     +Emilien

Luis Falcon
GNU Health

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