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Re: [Health-dev] Fwd: [python-hl7] Develop (#1)

From: Sebastián Marró
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Fwd: [python-hl7] Develop (#1)
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 21:22:46 -0200

Hi Emilien

2013/12/4 David Miller <address@hidden>
On 2 December 2013 21:47, Emilien Klein <address@hidden> wrote:

Those days are only suggestions. I'd be happy to move if it means more folks can participate.
What days  (in the coming 2 weeks lets say) would you be able to make it?

Tue/Wed/Thu next week are currently pretty free for me if that's at all convenient... 

I would love to participate. So far these days are fine for me.

Best regards.
Sebastián Marró
Converging Ideas for Emerging Realities

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