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Re: [Health-dev] Error when creating new DB

From: Eugene Park
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Error when creating new DB
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 20:23:21 -0500
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Hello Sebastián,

Here is the traceback error:

[Thu Dec 05 01:18:24 2013] INFO:server:using /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/se                                           rver/trytond-2.8.3/etc/trytond.conf as configuration file
[Thu Dec 05 01:18:24 2013] INFO:server:initialising distributed objects services
[Thu Dec 05 01:18:25 2013] INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on *:8000
[Thu Dec 05 01:21:37 2013] INFO:database:connect to "Demo"
[Thu Dec 05 01:21:37 2013] INFO:database:connect to "template1"
[Thu Dec 05 01:21:37 2013] ERROR:sql:Wrong SQL: CREATE DATABASE "Demo" TEMPLATE template0 ENCODING 'unicode'
[Thu Dec 05 01:21:37 2013] ERROR:database:CREATE DB: Demo failed
[Thu Dec 05 01:21:37 2013] ERROR:database:Exception in call:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-2.8.3/trytond/protocols/", line 219, in create
    database.create(cursor, database_name)
  File "/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-2.8.3/trytond/backend/postgresql/", line 84, in create
    cursor.execute('CREATE DATABASE "' + database_name + '" '
  File "/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-2.8.3/trytond/backend/postgresql/", line 308, in execute
    res = self.cursor.execute(sql)
DataError: encoding UTF8 does not match locale en_US
DETAIL:  The chosen LC_CTYPE setting requires encoding LATIN1.


Eugene Park IT Architect Healthcare EQ (416) 931-1427

On 2013-12-04 18:24, Sebastián Marró wrote:

Hi Eugene

2013/12/4 Eugene Park <address@hidden>


I am trying to create a testing environment, and when I try to create the DB with the Tryton client, I get an error message about the Language.

Can you post the traceback of your error?
Sebastián Marró
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