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[Health-dev] Question about diseases' tree

From: Gil A
Subject: [Health-dev] Question about diseases' tree
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2017 15:13:08 +0200


I have been customizing gnuhealth but I have reached a point where I am stuck.

What I am trying to do is enable the tree function buttons inside the
patient form where you can see the related diseases tree. They are
disabled by default installation.

The view of the tree is "gnuhealth_patient_diseases_tree.xml" but I
don't know how to reference the buttons to create new diseases in a
patient's history or delete them (the buttons are not managed by the
view I suppose).

My question is, how can I enable these buttons: add new registry,
delete registry (F2, F3)... inside patient's form down in the pages
where the diseases tree is shown and manage diseases directly in the
patient form using the conditions tree without jumping to conditions

I hope what I requested is possible, many thanks.

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