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[Health-dev] For testing. Immunization report ODT

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: [Health-dev] For testing. Immunization report ODT
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2020 19:59:17 +0200
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As it happens, you can not just embed the content.xml from a document
into another document and expect getting a new working document.

You can, however, do the same with styles.xml

Here, I extracted both files from the immunization report ODT and
changed a line. I created two new styles:

1. notice_par (a paragraph style) for the notice

  «Showing _only_ the immunization status corresponding to the _person
age_ and the _selected schedule_»

heading the second table in the document.  And

2. notice_UL_text (a text style) for the underlined words in that notice.

I saved the file. Then I copied settings.xml from this file into a
backup of the original.

Then I copied only the relevant lines of the content.xml from the
modified file, into the backup of the original.

Now we have an (attached) report template in ODT that is hopefully
identical to the original, except for what concerns to that line, and
its styles.

From the procedure I've explained, I'm pretty sure the attached ODT is
a valid substitute of the original and doesn't cause any side effects
other than to create a much saner POT. Could you please check?

If this works, here are the needed styles for the document in full:

Paragraph styles


These define a default character style for the whole paragraph so that
there is no special style unless an effect is needed, see below.

Text styles

  this is for bold in the field name
  this is for underline in the notice
  for bold in footer
  (footer style _and content_ is defined in page styles into styles.xml)

All other contents in a paragraph is left with default text style for
the paragraph as defined above.

Of course, the surgical approach might be avoided if I could simply
attach the saved file from my own libreoffice.

Or, I could try saving it and then overwrite some critical components to
mimick a clone of the original. I am not sure.

Francisco Vila, Ph.D. - Badajoz (Spain) ,

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