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[Health-dev] Crypto Plugin

From: Gerald Wiese
Subject: [Health-dev] Crypto Plugin
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2022 14:04:04 +0100
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I have some questions & comments regarding the crypto plugin:

- Here the latest is still 3.6

- How to install it using PyPI? I don't understand why it depends on the server instead of the client. Anyway it's not usable after pip installation

- If there is still the same approach to have it in ~/gnuhealth_plugins/ should we integrate this in

- Where are the PyPI files taken from? Don't find them in mercurial.

- How to use it for 4.0? For 3.8 I was downloading from the ftp link above and moving it to ~/gnuhealth_plugins/gnuhealth_crypto_plugin_dir but this seems not to work for 4.0b client

Actually I just wanted to check if it still doesn't reload the view after creating a digital signature, let's see.



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