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[Health-dev] health_nursing v 4.0.2 --> bug on "end" button

From: Francisco Maria Moyano Casco
Subject: [Health-dev] health_nursing v 4.0.2 --> bug on "end" button
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2022 00:15:32 -0300

Hi everyone. Making it short the bowl (haciendo corta la bocha)
There is an error on clicking on the end button on the Ambulatory Care on health_nursing v 4.0.2
File "/trytond/modules/health_nursing/", line 417, in end_session
    signing_hp = HealthProfessional.get_health_professional()
AttributeError: type object 'gnuhealth.healthprofessional' has no attribute 'get_health_professional'

It should be
    signing_hp = get_health_professional()

Thanks. Regards

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