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[Health-dev] Working on the documentation

From: Gerald Wiese
Subject: [Health-dev] Working on the documentation
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2023 16:06:31 +0200
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we are working on the documentation and aim to have it renewed before the conference end of September. One student from Hannover already transformed the Wikibooks state into Sphinx Read The Docs Theme and we can take this as base.

I just pushed it but it’s not yet present on any web server. To see it you have to download it using Mercurial and open it locally. On Debian based systems install mercurial like this from terminal:

sudo apt install mercurial

For openSUSE replace apt by zypper. Afterwards clone the repository:

hg clone

Then locate health-doc/gnuhealth-hmis/build/html/index.html and double click it / open it with your browser.

We are asking all of you to gather feedback and ideas how to improve the documentation.

Our first block of questions targets a higher level and we ask for responses until end of July.

Second block of questions can be answered afterwards continuously but still the sooner the better:

Are there chapters missing?

Do we have chapters that are not needed?

Should we change the structure regarding chapters and subchapters?

Other suggestions for changes on a higher level?

Do we have content missing?

Is every module documented in a way that it’s really complete and understandable?

Does it actually work to follow old instructions?

We should update all versions, screenshots, package names, typos, etc.

If functionalities are not really working, we should make it transparent (e.g. FHIR REST, Thalamus)

Do we have links in place for differing installation strategies and other documentations like Thalamus, MyGNUHealth, Ansible, openSUSE?

Beginning of August we will probably start a pad to assign tasks / chapters to responsible people.



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