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[Help-bash] how to translate one file

From: lina
Subject: [Help-bash] how to translate one file
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2012 23:46:08 +0800
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I have one file like

a 1
b 2
c 3

and the last line of the file like :


I wish to translate it to
1 2 3

Here is the script I wrote, but choked by the crucial step of translation,


for f in dm_1.xpm ### Here I used for cause I have 10 *.xpm files, and they have different dictionary.

awk '{if(NF==7) print $1, $6}' $f | tr -d '"' | sed 's/[a-Z]/\$&\=/g'

tail -1 $f | tr -d '"'

#echo ${f%.*}


I attached the file below,

BTW, Thanks all for helping me in the past, for some questions I asked, I still need time to digest about your reply. If none immediate response, it did not mean I did not care about the questions I asked. It means I cared both my questions and your reply. Thanks again,

Best regards,

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