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[Help-bash] Remove an empty (null) element in an indexed array

From: Jerry
Subject: [Help-bash] Remove an empty (null) element in an indexed array
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 17:28:23 -0400

I have been playing around with a few ways to remove an empty or null
element in an indexed array but nothing seems to works as expected.

Assume array:  declare -a FOO=(red blue green white black)

Now, address@hidden would return 5

If I then do: unset FOO[2}, the "green" element is erased and
address@hidden returns 4. However, if I do: 

echo address@hidden

This is returned:



A "null" is returned where the "green" element was.

I am trying to find a relatively simple method for compacting the array
so that it removes all empty elements. Is that possible? Does Bash have
a built in method for accomplishing that?

Jerry ♔

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