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[Help-bash] xtrace ordering problem

From: B Hope
Subject: [Help-bash] xtrace ordering problem
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 06:19:05 -0700


Apologies if you get this e-mail twice.

I am using "set -x" to debug a shell script. On a single core VM I get the debug output (the lines beginning "+ ") reversed. The script ends with the same result. Should the order of the output when using "-x" always be the same?

$ cat
/usr/bin/tail -n 100 messages | /bin/grep blah | md5sum

$ bash -x
+ md5sum
+ /usr/bin/grep blah
+ /usr/bin/tail -n 100 messages
hsdhdfhdfhdfhfhdfh -


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