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Re: [Help-bash] Substring Replacement

From: Richard Taubo
Subject: Re: [Help-bash] Substring Replacement
Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 18:50:27 +0200

On May 30, 2014, at 6:39 PM, Dennis Williamson <address@hidden> wrote:
> Use sed.
So it is not possible to do this just using Bash string manipulation?

> Forced how, btw?
Speed. I could have solved it using a while loop, but it seems to add time for 
big sets.
(more after the concept here, so just using dummy code).

Best regards,
Richard Taubo

> On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 11:34 AM, Richard Taubo <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> On I find the
>> following example:
>>        stringZ=abcABC123ABCabc
>>        echo ${stringZ//abc/xyz}                # xyzABC123ABCxyz
>>                                                        # Replaces all
>> matches of 'abc' with # 'xyz'.
>> If you are forced to run everything on one line without using variables,
>> how
>> could one accomplish this, e.g:
>>        echo "abcABC123ABCabc" | echo ${????//abc/xyz}
>> Thanks for feedback!

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