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[Help-bash] Question on developing GDB like tool for shell

From: Vaithiyanathan Sundaram
Subject: [Help-bash] Question on developing GDB like tool for shell
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 16:02:49 -0700

Hi Bash community,

I just scoped through the bash code and have a proposal to create a
GDB like tool for Bash.

Before I provide my proposal and ask for more thoughts, I would like
to know if there is any such tool already existing, or if there is any
"almost matching" binary in Bash itself. I know bash has debugger
support, just wanted to know if that can do what I wanted.

It all started when I wanted to find the flow of all the functions
just like browsing source code in any language like C or Python, etc.
I created a proof of concept to generate a dot diagram for the
function flow (except built in functions). The code was embedded
within the Bash code so that we can reuse the hash table and parser in

Since I have got some exposure on the complex infrastructure, I would
like to extend this into a bigger domain with GDB like debugging
support. Where an user can step through functions, infact even provide
input and test the functions, break, etc.

The utility can be embedded as a builtin support for Bash so we can
reuse the already existing data structures.

Please respond back with your thoughts. I have always wanted to
contribute to Open source, and it will  be great if this is allowed
and acceptable proposal.

I can provide a better proposal if needed too.


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