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[Help-bash] Posix: 2.3 Token Recognition & 2.10 Shell Grammar

From: Michael Convey
Subject: [Help-bash] Posix: 2.3 Token Recognition & 2.10 Shell Grammar
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 08:12:54 -0700

I've read these two sections -- more than once actually, but my
understanding of them is still unsatisfactory. Here are the sources:

   - Token Recognition:
   - Shell Grammar:

I find the following shell grammar excerpt particularly confusing:

"When a TOKEN is seen where one of those annotated productions could be
used to reduce the symbol, the applicable rule shall be applied to convert
the token identifier type of the TOKEN to a token identifier acceptable at
that point in the grammar. The reduction shall then proceed based upon the
token identifier type yielded by the rule applied."

​Is there a book or some other source that provides a layman's exposition
of these two sections?​

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