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$(allclasses) variable

From: Darren Dunham
Subject: $(allclasses) variable
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 15:05:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hmm.  I'm having trouble using this variable.  Below is my cfengine
script that is used...



        "/etc/cfengine/ -x $(allclasses)"


And here is the script...
#!/bin/sh -x
echo foobar > /tmp/shout
echo "Argument 1 is ->${1}<-" >> /tmp/shout
echo "Argument 2 is ->${2}<-" >> /tmp/shout
echo $CFALLCLASSES >> /tmp/shout
echo `date` >> /tmp/shout
ls -l /tmp/ntp.conf >> /tmp/shout
echo "error message" 1>&2
exit 4

And the output in /tmp/shout
# cat /tmp/shout
Argument 1 is ->-x<-
Argument 2 is -><-      (<- I expect a value there...)

Thu Oct 19 21:54:09 GMT 2000
-r--------   1 root     root          68 Oct 19 21:54 /tmp/ntp.conf

Am I missing anything about how to use that variable?  I tried printing
$CFALLCLASSES too, but I don't expect that to be set.  I was just
checking it.   When I change $(allclasses) to something else, I get a
nice error message that the variable isn't defined.  I don't get that
here, but I also don't see where the information it.


Darren Dunham                                           address@hidden
Unix System Administrator                    Taos - The SysAdmin Company
Got some Dr Pepper?                           San Francisco, CA bay area
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