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Q about threading cfd

From: Ulli Linzen
Subject: Q about threading cfd
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 11:24:15 +0200
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I use cfengine to synchronize more than 250 hosts at my site. To speed
things up, I planned to use a threading version of cfd. Now it happens,
that cfd logs "hostname: to many threads", and after a while, it dies
with "hostname: seem to be paralyzed. Committing apoptosis...".

What can I do about it? Is that a serious bug, or do I just have to
restart cfd?

Besides, with the non-threading cfd, I always see one instance of cfd
running... using the threading version, the number of instances grow up
to twenty or more..

How about the non-threading version of cfd: does it fork itself when it
gets more than one connection at a time, or does it handle the incoming
connections in a serial matter (that's what i guess)?

If it forks itself to handle the connections, do i have to setup the
maximum number of parallel connections, and if yes, where and how?

Thank you in advance,


Ulli Linzen
Systemadministration und Entwicklung
GMX Aktiengesellschaft
Hanauer Strasse 58, 80993 M√ľnchen
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