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is there any limitation on string lengths ?

From: Jordi . Renye
Subject: is there any limitation on string lengths ?
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 11:22:24 +0100

Hi gurus,

I like cfengine very much. I would like to kill old processes (yesterday):
processes with a month entry
in 'ps'  output and processes with time past to actual time in 'ps' output.
. I kill the processes with a month
entry with a script in "configuration library" at Oslo Web
( For example:

> date
Tue Oct 31 11:14:03 MET 2000
> ps -ef
    user1     0     0  0   15:27 ?        0:01 procuser1
    user2     1     0  0    11:50 ?        7:11 procuser2

In this example, I kill "procuser1" and "procuser2" because they were
created yesterday.


     string = ( "exec /usr/local/lib/" )

        actionsequence =
        Inform = ( on )


      SetOptionString " -ef "


Problem is that "cfengine1-5-4" on solaris 2.7 gives a"segmentation fault",
in string.
I suppose because the length of string.

Anyone can help me?
Perhaps, it is more natural, use a shell script, for this task.

Many thanks in advanced, and sorry for my english.

Jordi Renye

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