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RE: Classing servers by network

From: John Thornton
Subject: RE: Classing servers by network
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 13:54:42 -0800

Let's say you want to copy certain files to the dev servers and not the prod
servers.  You could do this..
                file_to_copy dest=where_ever_you_want

Not quite about question 2.  Maybe something like....

                domain = ( dev.somewhere.there )
                domain = ( prod.somewhere.there )

John Thornton
Unix Systems Engineer
Fizzylab Corp

-----Original Message-----
From: Greg Gallagher
Sent: 12/13/00 1:08 PM
Subject: Classing servers by network

Hi there!  I'm sorry for such a basic question, but I'm working at
implementing cfengine in our environment and have hit a stumbling
block or two.

I want to group machines into classes based on network number.  For
example, we have all our production nodes on a 172.31.32.x network and
certain rules would happen to those.  Another network, 172.31.20.x, is
for development workstations and we would want rules like distributing
the newest libraries to them (but obviously not to production... so I
need to seperate them)

1) How do I class machines using network numbers or somesuch..

2) How could I use the first to assign a "domain = ( ____ )" depending
on the network.  Problem is, I have to have the domain line to make
cfd happy apparently, and I have different domain names for different

I couldn't find this info anywhere... sorry if it's been asked before!

Greg Gallagher
UNIX Systems Administrator
First Options Chicago .... (312) 362-3643

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