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quick update on perl-cfd

From: Gregory P. Smith
Subject: quick update on perl-cfd
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 01:28:54 -0800
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fyi -

If anyone has tried to find the perl-cfd homepage in the last month or
so they probably found a broken link to  I'm between
DSL lines at the moment so that page is gone.  I moved it all to
sourceforge at


PS has anyone tried it with cfengine v1.6?  I'm not actively using
cfengine these days but would like to put a yes/no up on the site for
anyone who's curious.

Gregory P. Smith   gnupg/pgp:
                   C379 1F92 3703 52C9 87C4  BE58 6CDA DB87 105D 9163

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