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Re: purge doesn't purge directories (1.6.0.a10)

From: Mark R. Lindsey
Subject: Re: purge doesn't purge directories (1.6.0.a10)
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 15:33:02 -0500

: On  5 Dec, Mark R. Lindsey wrote:
: > As of 1.6.0.a10, it appears that a recursive purge-type copy does not
: > purge subdirectories in the image when those subdirectories are not
: > present on the server. As such, I'm having trouble using it to
: > exactly-synchronize systems with the cfengine server.
: > 
: > Is this the intended behavior?
: > 
Mark Burgess wrote:
: rmdirs=true

rmdirs=true is a flag for the `tidy' command, right? I'm talking about the
`copy' command.

cfengine *claims* that it's removing subdirectories, but it doesn't.

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