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Does perl-cfd work with 1.6.0?

From: Alan Sparks
Subject: Does perl-cfd work with 1.6.0?
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 08:42:26 -0700

Anyone tried using the perl cfd with 1.6.0 cfengine?  Has the cfengine
protocol changed between 1.5.x and 1.6 in a way that might incapacitate
perl-cfd?  Am about to try it, wondered if I would be wasting my time...

I can't get the C cfd stable enough to use in our Solaris 7
environment... after weeks, I still have a couple of showstopper
problems I can't fix:

1) I use ctime file comparisons, no secure option.  cfengine still
insists on occasionally updating files that have not changed on the
remote master.  I don't know whether cfd is telling cfengine the files
are out-of-date or what...

2) Dovetailing niocely with the about, the cfd.conf gets transferred
when updated, and sometimes even if not... which triggers the worst bug
I've mentioned before, where cfd refuses the connection from a cfrun
(with a "Host authentication failed") the first time after a cfd.conf
reload.  This plays major hell with emergency cfruns, and usually
requires two cfruns to hit all hosts since 1/4 of them refuse
connections in the morning.

Alan Sparks, Sr. UNIX Administrator     address@hidden
Quris, Inc.                             (720) 836-2058

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