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cfengine-1.6.2 copy doesn't replicate symlinks properly?

From: J. Maynard Gelinas
Subject: cfengine-1.6.2 copy doesn't replicate symlinks properly?
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:55:08 -0500

   Hi folks,

   I'm attempting to use cfengine-1.6.2 on several Redhat-6.2/x86 linux clients
to perform a deep recursive copy of an entire directory tree from a server
running cfd.  The goal is to successfully replicate a template server which
contains an entire OS release to a cluster of clients. This way the clients
could update on a regular basis and automatically get security fixes,
application updates, etc.  

   I've got the copy operation working properly, and it appears to work for the
most part. However, I've noticed what appears to be a serious problem in it's
handling of Symbolic links: if a client has a symlink down the directory path,
but the server has replaced that link with a file, the copy operation will fail
and leave the original link in place on the client. It also appears that if a
file is in place on the client, but a symbolic link with that filename is on
the server, the client cfengine won't replace the file with the proper link. 

  I realize that I could solve this by simply running a find for type l on the
server and removing every link listed on the client before running the cfengine
copy process. But I'm worried that removing links down /lib and /usr/lib could
confuse the cfengine instance and cause a system crash during the copy. 

   Are others seeing this problem? I understand why cfengine can't replicate 
hard links, but I don't understand why it can't replicate a symbolic link 


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