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Support for XML config files?

From: Hal Wine
Subject: Support for XML config files?
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:32:54 -0800

I've been looking at CFEngine since reading about it in Linux Journal. It
looks to cover a lot of what I need to do.

However, more and more of the config files I need to manage are switching
from "line format" to XML format. I don't see any reference to XML in the
docs -- has anybody had success with this?

Also, some of our line based files are really "multi-line" (think printcap).
I'm sure that there is some magic incantations with CFEngine that can handle
that, but are there any examples documented?

Hal Wine / Sr. Configuration Manager
eScene Networks, Inc. / Streaming Solutions for Business /
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Fx 415.901.4101

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