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Bracket mismatch error

From: Michael Coffman
Subject: Bracket mismatch error
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 08:01:37 -0600 (MDT)

I am currently running:

  Version: GNU cfengine-1.5.4

On ~300 hpux systems

I have started getting the following error on the following system:


   HP-UX snide B.10.20 A 9000/785 2007062015 two-user license

   cfengine:snide: Bracket mismatch, in [class= (address@hidden|], shouldn't 
happen, level = 1

This error comes as cfengine is trying to call an installable class
copy.updatedfiles.  If I change the name of the installable class to
copy.modfiles, it works fine.

I am not a C expert but I tried to look at the code and this appears to
be some type of buffer/memory issue.  I increased bufsize to 8192 as a
shot in the dark and recompiled but this had no affect.

Any clues.


You can observe a lot just by watching. - Yogi Berra

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