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'cfengine --inform' and shellcommmands

From: Bruce Wm Folliott
Subject: 'cfengine --inform' and shellcommmands
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:53:45 -0600
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My cron job runs cfengine as
        cfengine --inform

Now I've added a shell command to the shellcommands section
and I get informed each time:

        This message originates from host derwent on 
        The full command issued was: /usr/local/sbin/cfnormal.
        cf:derwent: Executing script abc`...(timeout=0,uid=-1,gid=-1)
        cf:derwent: Finished script abc`

Is there some way of disabling 'inform' on just this shell command?

Bruce Wm Folliott

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