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automating redhat package updates?

From: Philip J. Hollenback
Subject: automating redhat package updates?
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 12:33:51 -0700
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Here's something I want to solve with cfengine but I haven't figured
out the best way to do it: automated package installs.

It's frequently the case that I need to update an rpm package on all
of the handful of redhat linux 6.2 servers I run.  It's too
time-consuming to log on to every system and run the upgrade by hand.
There must be an easy way to do this with cfengine.

I envision a mechanism where I can drop a package somewhere on the cfd
server and all the other systems will pick it up and install it.

Is it possible to do this cleanly and in a relatively secure fashion?
Has anyone implemented this?  It seems to be a fairly general issue
which would turn up on just about any modern OS.


Philip J. Hollenback

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