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Newbie question about the ACL

From: David M . Arroyo Díaz
Subject: Newbie question about the ACL
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 16:12:03 +0200


I use cfengine 1.6.3 and I have a very stupid question aobout the acl's:

Does any of the authentication methods make use of the value that you set in
the "domain" variable in the "control" section for auth purposes?

Imagine that your cfd server has a FQDN of "", and
some of your clients has as FQDN of "". Will be any
problem because of the disjointed namespaces?

I tried with one server and two clients (belonging to different namespaces)
and nothing works. After this try, I put the three boxes on the same
namespace and all went fine (of course, I didn't change any of the
cfengine-to-be-executed scripts, so the particular configuration of cfengine
was right at all).

Thanks in advance for your help.

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