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Re: How to define variables using a plugin

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: How to define variables using a plugin
Date: 31 Jul 2001 12:03:33 +0200
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>>>>> "Adrian" == Adrian Phillips <> writes:

    Adrian> Good day,

    Adrian> I'm trying to define variables using a shell script as a
    Adrian> plugin but the variables are not being used in actions
    Adrian> later in the actionsequence. Is this possible ?

    Adrian> A simple example :-

    Adrian> control:

    Adrian>         domain = ( )

    Adrian>         master_server = ( freeze )

Hmm, interesting, adding :-

        kernel_dir = ( "" )

works although gives :-

    Macro Collision!
    cfengine:pcedb86::19: Warning: Redefinition of macro 
    Checking copy from freeze: to /usr/src

so it knows about the variable but doesn't want to replace it.

Hmm, I'll have a look at the source.


Adrian Phillips

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