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Re: Three-Line service comments

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: Three-Line service comments
Date: 02 Aug 2001 07:21:23 +0200
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>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Auckland <address@hidden> writes:

[Note, cfengine newbie]

    Tim> A common format for labeling services in, eg, inetd.conf is
    Tim> to add a comment group just before the service.

    Tim> For example:

    Tim> # # GNATS # support stream tcp nowait gnats
    Tim> /usr/libexec/gnats/gnatsd gnatsd

Yes, I've noticed this myself with the editfiles action, that
multiline edits can be difficult but I though I'd read that this was
to be fixed for v2 ?

Anyway, another hack (!) to sort this (untested) :-

   { /etc/inet/inetd.conf
     SetScript "/bin/sh -c perl -0777 -e '$_ = <STDIN>; s/(#.*\n)*support 
stream.*\n//; print' < tt"
     RunScriptIfLineMatching "gnatsd"

or something along those lines.

One possibly way to solve this in cfengine would be a way to specify
the newline as one can with perl, then any regexps could be made to
work on several lines at a time, e.g. :-

    NewLine 0777
    ReplaceAll "(#.*\n)*support stream.*\n" With ""

(Perhaps this works already ?)


Adrian Phillips

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