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Re: help a newbie, a problem with defining groups

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: help a newbie, a problem with defining groups
Date: 03 Aug 2001 06:59:52 +0200
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>>>>> "Scott" == Scott J D'Aquila <address@hidden> writes:

    Scott> Hello; I am trying to get cfengine up and running at my
    Scott> site. I have looked through this list and at the manuals
    Scott> for some time and can't find an answer, so please help me
    Scott> to get going.  The problem is this...I create a cf.groups,
    Scott> and include it. However, there are problems with my
    Scott> groups. My groups look like this:

    Scott> groups:

    Scott>  # first groups listed by their purpose iagr = ( mail
    Scott> pro-web1 pro-web2 pro-web3 pro-web4 staging-web mail
    Scott> 40 )

    Scott>  nameservers = ( mail ) webservers = ( staging-web pro-web1
    Scott> pro-web2 pro-web3 pro-web4 ) dbservers = ( )
    Scott> intranet = ( mon ) monservers = ( mon ) cfserver = ( mon )
    Scott> mail = ( mail ) ftp = ( ftp )

>From one newbie to another :-)

Lets see if I understand, when running cfengine on mon iagr is
defined, but not the other classes. This is the way cfengine works;
pro-web1, etc. are not defined unless you're running on those hosts,
so an action that was for webservers could thus use:-




and this would only work when run on staging-web, pro-web1, etc.

If this isn't what you meant then I don't understand, and more
explanation might help.


Adrian Phillips

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