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Re: Three-Line service comments

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: Three-Line service comments
Date: 03 Aug 2001 13:08:27 +0200
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>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Burgess <address@hidden> writes:

    Mark> The routines generally match single lines, but you could
    Mark> possibly do some kind of begin-end construction which would
    Mark> do it. But....

    Mark> A piece of advice from a lazy person: I would never consider
    Mark> doing someting this complex. Why not use a simple protocol
    Mark> for your comments

    Mark> # (special char) # (special char) My comment # (Special
    Mark> char)

    Mark> e.g.

    Mark> # ftp # ftp Start my favourite thingy with ftp..  # ftp

    Mark> ftp ....

    Mark> Now it is trivial to delete all lines starting "# ftp .*" or
    Mark> "ftp.*" When it comes to automation, human aesthetics are
    Mark> seldom practical.

The problem I can see is putting cfengine on top of an existing system
where no such "standard" exists. "Multiline" matching would make live
much easier for me at least in those cases. Would a multiline match
patch be accepted, assuming I can think of a way to do it without
ruining the single line stuff, for example, a Multline yes/no editing
action with default being single ? Or some other way perhaps.

I must admit to not understanding the editfiles action completely yet,
and I haven't even looked at Begin.. stuff yet.

Hopefully Tim can think of something and let the rest of us know how
he solved it :-)


Adrian Phillips

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