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Re: cfengine configuration question

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: cfengine configuration question
Date: 21 Aug 2001 06:58:42 +0200
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>>>>> "Mohamed" == Osman, Mohamed <address@hidden> writes:

    Mohamed> I am trying to setup cfengine in our environment and I
    Mohamed> have encountered two problems:

    Mohamed> 1) The 1st question relates to DNS - since we manage
    Mohamed> hosts on different sub-domains. I have a master server
    Mohamed> (where all the files/binaries are available via
    Mohamed> automounter copied from) in one sub-domain while many
    Mohamed> other hosts are on different sub-domains.

    Mohamed>    A possible solution appears to be setting up different
    Mohamed> slave-servers on each domain (sub-domain) & copying over
    Mohamed> all binaries/files to each slave.

    Mohamed>    I am reluctant to go this route since it involves
    Mohamed> duplicating data across every slave, and it would
    Mohamed> certainly requires a manually procedure to update each
    Mohamed> slave, and moves away the idea of a single central
    Mohamed> configuration file.

    Mohamed>    Has anyone implemented a simpler solution?

Not yet, but I don't see the problem with cfengine under cron. Just
schedule regular "copy"s which update the files from the central
server. Obviously this means a (as small or large as you want) delay
but it also means that none of your slave-servers are dependent on the

    Mohamed> 2) The 2nd question is relates with NIS netgroups. I am
    Mohamed> using cfengine 1.6.3 and NIS netgroup hosts are not
    Mohamed> recognized. When I define groups w/o netgroups hosts are
    Mohamed> recognized, but for whatever reason NIS netgroup defined
    Mohamed> hosts are not being recognized.

    Mohamed>    Has anyone seen this problem? Am I missing
    Mohamed> something???

Sorry, don't do NIS, maybe somebody else does ?


Adrian Phillips

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