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Re: Overriding predefined variables?

From: Marlys Nelson
Subject: Re: Overriding predefined variables?
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 10:10:23 -0600

address@hidden wrote:
> Just quickly...
> First of all, class definitions are made in "classes" or "groups" section,
> not in "control".

Well, I do that.  I have many classes defined in that section based on the
hostname. And that's somewhat my problem.  Those definitions use the real
server name - because the same cfengine script will be used when the server is
being setup (not under it's real name) and when it's in production (using it's
real name).

What I was trying to define in the control section was my own version of the
special variables.

> > control:
> >   host = ( "exec /bin/cat /some/where/the/real/hostname/is/stored" )
> >   ipaddress = ( "" )

Since the docs seem to warn not to do this because the special variables
aren't case sensitive, I thought I might get away with intentionally doing it
for my purposes.

> If you want to prevent cfengine from detecting the envionrment for testing
> purposes, use
> cfengine --no-hard-classes
> and set them manually, e.g. with -Dclassname or in groups/classes section.

I tried this but unfortunately --no-hard-classes removes too much.  And, even
if I use -Dclassname to define the real hostname as a class, that doesn't help
where I use the variables $(host), $(ipaddress), etc.

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