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From: Lumpkin, Buddy
Subject: cfservd.conf
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 15:36:47 -0700

Hello all,

Im looking at the cfservd.conf.example (see end of email) file and it looks 
like it's purpose is to start cfengine on the rest of the hosts. The example 
below shows that it runs something called cfengine. I can't find mention of 
this in the 1.6 docs or the cfengine 2 doc. How should I configure

Also, what differentiates the server, master whatever you call it from the 
clients? Is it these lines in update.conf?:
 policyhost = ( )
 master_cfinput = ( /var/cfengine/inputs )

Also, I see there is a WORKDIR and an INPUTS directory within it. Can I assume 
that the first time that I run /usr/local/sbin/cfexecd -F that it will populate 
these directories?

Also, if the version 2 doc says to run /usr/local/sbin/cfexecd, then what's the 
point of putting copies in /var/cfengine/bin? Should the document actually 
suggest the path under /var/cfengine instead? 

Im sorry for all of the questions, I just can't seem to locating more cfengine 
2 specific information.



example cfservd.conf below ...

  domain = ( )


     cfrunCommand = ( "/iu/nexus/local/gnu/bin/cfengine" )


     cfrunCommand  = ( "/iu/waldo/local/gnu/bin/cfengine" )
#     AutoExecInterval = ( 60 )
#     AutoExecCommand  = ( "/iu/nexus/local/gnu/lib/cfengine/bin/cfwrap 

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