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Re: tidy across NFS filesystem

From: Jerry Christopher
Subject: Re: tidy across NFS filesystem
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2001 07:13:16 -0800

We don't currently tidy any NFS filesystems here, but I thought I'd
give this a try on my workstation.  My home dir lives on a NetApp NFS
mount.  My workstation is explicitly listed as having rw access to this
volume in the exports file on the filer.  Could this be what you're 
missing?  Running the tidy on a box with rw or root access to the volume

I touched a couple files under ~/tmp and added a tidy statement.  The
2 files were cleaned up as expected.  1.6.3 btw.


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Alan Sparks wrote:
> I have a tidy rule that doesn't work... and from the source, it looks
> like it's because tidy won't work on NFS mounted filesystems.
> In other words, I need to toidy old files on /u05/stories... but /u05 is
> NFS mounted.
> The real big problem is, that's mounted from a NetApp Filer appliance.
> The option of "just running the tidy on the box exporting the
> filesystem" doesn't exist, since cfengine won't run there.
> Is there any way I'm not seeing to get cfengine to tidy a directory
> that's non-local?
> -Alan
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