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Searching for getting-started tips...

From: Rune Mossige
Subject: Searching for getting-started tips...
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 16:13:55 +0100
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I am about to start investigating if cfengine (2.0a15 at the moment)
can be used for daily maintenance of multuple Linux, SGI and Sun

I am particularly interested in automated 'upgrades', such as
patch distributions, and possibly OS upgrades.

For Linux, I will probably use kickstart for the initial
installation. For the Sun's, I will most likely use autoclient.
For the SGI's, I am not sure what to that is 'only' 3-4
workstations, I might continue to do them manually.

I have seen some example scripts that will install RPM's
on RedHat Linux, and also install patches on Solaris, but
I have not seen anything recent. Is there anyone out there that
would share some knowledge, and perhaps some sample config files?

Also, how do You start up (e.g. bootstrap) the cfengine server,
and the clients?

I used to have a test-install of 1.6.3, and there I used cfd
and ran cfengine from cron. Now, with v2, there is the option
of running cfexecd as a daemon, or from cron, and also cfservd...

Is cfservd only run on the cfengine server, and then I start
cfexecd as a daemon, and from then on schedule a cfexecd run
by cron? Does that sounds as a reasonable thing? What are You doing,
and why?

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